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Sustainable business depends on Company’s ability to continually improve the quality of services while keeping Health, Safety & Environment at the forefront of all operations.
We strive to continuously improve our services and are committed to :

    Maintain highest standards of Occupational Health, Quality, Safety and Environment protection which forms the basis of all our operations.
    Comply with applicable codes of safe practices, regulatory requirements and environment protection guidelines.
    Take actions necessary to protect the integrity of critical systems in order to avoid accidental release of hazardous material to the environment we operate in.
    Accord highest priority to implementing and maintaining safety measures for minimizing accidents. Accidents are investigated and analysed for root cause so that re - occurrence can be prevented.
    Review every QHS&E process through a time bound audit by independent and reputed third party auditors and implement the removal of all non-compliances in a targeted manner.
    Empowering individuals to stop any unsafe operations through an effective system in place
    Invest in the training and development of our people so they can work safely and grow personally to enjoy a rewarding work experience

Naresh Kumar
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