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  • RIG NAME                   :   DYNAMIC VISION ( 350 feet KFELS B Class Jack-up Rig )     
  • CONTRACT STATUS    :   Feb,2013 to Feb, 2018 with Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. (ONGC)
Company’s first KFELS B Class Jack up rig has got deliverd on 31 Jan, 2013 from world renowned Keppel Fels Shipyard, Singapore. The rig is capable to operate in water depths of 350 feet with a drilling depth of 30,000 feet and accommodate 120 men. Rig is capable of working in HPHT environment and have Offline Stand Building capabilities Dynamic Offshore Drilling’s rig is further equipped with enhanced features to expand the operational coverage of the rig, particularly in areas where soft soil is predominant. The B class versatile design further allows rig to be easily upgraded to work in water depths of 400 feet and accommodate up to 150 men.
The K-FELS B Class design is one of the most successful proven suitable designs for operations in most parts of the world. KFELS B Class Jack up design provides maximum uptime with reduced emissions and discharges. For its environmental-friendly features, the KFELS B Class design was bestowed the Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award from Institution of Engineers Singapore in 2009.
Key Specifications :
General specifications
Length overall 234 ft 0 inches
Breath overall 208 ft 0 inches
Depth of hull at Side 25 ft 0 inches
Total length of legs 491 ft 0 inches
Center to fwd leg to CL of aft legs 129 ft 0 inches
Center to center of aft legs 142 ft 0 inches
Classification ABS MODU A+1
Variable load incl. drilling load (kips) 5,900 (harsh) 7,000 (non-harsh)
Steel design operating temperature (°C) -10
Cantilever maximum outreach @ 70 ft (kips) 1,500
Heliport designed for service by S-61
Accommodation (pax) 120 (can be upgraded to 150)
Elevating system / fixation system
No. of pinions 36
Maximum lifting capacity (kips) 46,800
Elevating speed at lifting capacity (ft/min) 1.4
Preload holding capacity (kips) 67,284
Design storm survival conditions
Water depth (ft) 350 300
Variable load (kips) 5,900 5,900
Leg length (ft) 491 491
Maximum wave height (ft) 61 61
Corresponding wave period (sec) 13.5 17
Maximum wind velocity (knot) 100 100
Current (knot) 1 1
Airgap (ft) 65 65
Penetration (ft) 15 15

Dynamic Vision - Full Specification

Dynamic Vision - Key Design Parameters

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